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The Council is made up of 14 elected Councillors, who live in the area and take account of the views of local residents. The Councillors are supported by a small staff team led by the Town Clerk.

Ringwood Town Council's Strategy 2023 - 2026 (adopted Oct'22 - updated Sept'23) can be found here


There is sometimes confusion about the responsibilities of the different councils in the region.

The types of things that Ringwood Town Council is responsilbe for include allotments, the cemetery, recreation grounds and some public open spaces. A map of Town Council owned land can be found here.

The Town Council acts as an information point for residents and visitors. Ringwood Gateway opening hours can be found here.


The types of services Hampshire County Council is responsible for include education, transport and roads, social care, registrars service and strategic planning within the county.

The types of services New Forest District Council is responsible for include housing, waste collection, leisure, some open spaces, council tax, benefits and local planning.

A list of each Council's responsibilities can be found here.

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Ringwood Town Council News

Grant Aid Awards and Presentations



Grant Aid Awards and Presentations

At last night’s Council meeting, certificates were presented to recipients of grant aid awards.

Greening Ringwood - Phase 2 Launch Event



Greening Ringwood - Phase 2 Launch Event

Saturday 20th April, 10am – 2pm in Gateway Square The event will showcase five new projects and will include refreshments, live music and demonstrations of eco-activities by local schools - all welcome.

Flooding - please report it!



Flooding - please report it!

It is important to report every flood incident to help build the evidence required to ensure issues are investigated, and also so that future funding for improvements can be targeted at where it’s really needed - click on the picture above to find out more.