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Town Mayor

At the Annual Council meeting on 26th May 2022, Town Councillors elected Councillor Gareth DeBoos as Town Mayor. He was re-elected as Town Mayor at the Annual meeting on 17th May 2023.

Every town and parish council is required by law to elect one of its members as chairman as the first item of business at each annual meeting held in May. By convention, the elected chairman of a town council has the title of town mayor. At Ringwood, we also elect a deputy mayor; to perform the mayoral functions in any absence of the mayor.

The current mayor is Cllr. Gareth DeBoos and the Deputy Mayor Cllr. Rae Frederick.

Our mayor chairs every meeting of the council during his or her year of office and, if present, chairs the town’s annual assembly too; wearing the chain of office.

The mayor represents the council at civic events, processions, celebrations, services and functions through the year. The mayor is also keen to support local, clubs, charities and organisations and welcomes invitations to represent the council at suitable events. If you are interested in having the mayor attend an event you are organizing, he can be contacted through the Council Office.

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Mayor and Deputy Mayor

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Ringwood Town Council News

Grant Aid Award



Grant Aid Award

The Council has made a grant aid award of £2,000 to Ringwood Junior School PTA (click on the photo for details).

Ringwood lights up with the magic of Christmas!



Ringwood lights up with the magic of Christmas!

Many Ringwood business owners believe that the big companies or online retailers might not even notice your purchases over the next few weeks but the small, independently owned businesses located conveniently on your high street or in your local town will. This Christmas, they want you to believe in the magic of shopping locally - so you can make your town or village merry and bright for many more for years to come.

Safer New Forest Survey - how safe do you feel in Ringwood?



Safer New Forest Survey - how safe do you feel in Ringwood?

All residents are invited to complete a short anonymous survey about how safe you feel in the town and what concerns you might have about crime and antisocial behaviour.