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Town Mayor

At the Annual Council meeting on 30th May 2018, Town Councillors unanimously elected Councillor Tony Ring as Town Mayor. He was re-elected to the position in May 2019 and 2021 and his current term of office continues until the Annual Council meeting in May 2022.

Every town and parish council is required by law to elect one of its members as chairman as the first item of business at each annual meeting held in May. By convention, the elected chairman of a town council has the title of town mayor. At Ringwood, we also elect a deputy mayor; to perform the mayoral functions in any absence of the mayor.

The current mayor is Cllr. Tony Ring and the Deputy Mayor Cllr. Philip Day.

Our mayor chairs every meeting of the council during his or her year of office and, if present, chairs the town’s annual assembly too; wearing the chain of office.

The mayor represents the council at civic events, processions, celebrations, services and functions through the year. The mayor is also keen to support local, clubs, charities and organisations and welcomes invitations to represent the council at suitable events. If you are interested in having the mayor attend an event you are organizing, he can be contacted through the Council Office.

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Mayor and Deputy Mayor

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Ringwood Town Council News

Queen's Jubilee Beacon Choir



Queen's Jubilee Beacon Choir

To coincide with the Jubilee Beacon that is being lit at St Peter & St Paul in Ringwood on the evening of Thursday June 2nd, there will be a performance of a special song written for the event – ‘A Life Lived With Grace’ (you can listen to it here https://youtu.be/vAN5hBizADs with words on the screen).

Ringwood Events to reduce single-use plastic



Ringwood Events to reduce single-use plastic

Ringwood Town Council is delighted to announce that, thanks to generous sponsorship from local company Comax UK, reusable glasses will be used at the ‘Party in the Park’ event to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Sunday 5th June 2022. These will then be available for use at other events in the future, such as the Pedal Car Grand Prix, Carnival, Fireworks and Winter Wanderland.

Planning Application 21/11723 - development of land at Moortown Lane



Planning Application 21/11723 - development of land at Moortown Lane

There will be a virtual Extraordinary Meeting of the Planning, Town & Environment Committee at 7.00pm on Wednesday 13th April to consider a draft response to Planning Application 21/11723 for development of land at Moortown Lane.