Bring photo ID to vote

Bring photo ID to vote

  • By: Ringwood Town Council

There are parish and district elections on 4 May 2023. 

A new law requires voters to have a photo ID at their polling station to be able to cast their vote. 

The following summarises this new requirement, and explains what to do if someone does not have suitable ID.

  • To vote in elections at a polling station you now need to show an accepted form of photo ID
  • Passports, driving licences, and a number of travel ID are suitable
  • There is a list of suitable photo ID on
  • This is a new legal requirement and without photo ID, voters will be unable to vote at their polling station
  • It is estimated that 95%+ of people already have a suitable form of photo ID
  • There is a free voter ID for people who do not already have something suitable

Find out what photo ID is accepted and apply for free voter ID if you need to at